Sisters {Newborn Photographer Seattle Tacoma Puyallup}

I had to choose this image from Claire and Emma’s newborn photography session.  When posing these sweet girls I was trying to get one of the sisters to reach her hand over to the shoulder of her twin.  She wouldn’t have anything to do with it and instead grabbed the hand of her sister.  My instinct was to keep working towards the idea of a pose I had in my head.  But then I snapped back into reality and actually “saw” what was going on here.  I couldn’t have asked for anything more perfect.  Clasping hands said it all perfectly.  They were sisters, and they know it all ready.

What a gift it is to have a sister.  A joy that can not be taken away.  A sister is a friend, a comforter, a partner and a best friend.  During this session I thought a lot about my Grandma and her twin sister.  They lived a part for most of their lives, but were always together – always best friends.  I hope for that for these sweet girls.  A love and bond like the one I witnessed growing up.

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