Sleep Is For The Birds

Krystof was the most wide awake, alert baby I have had come in for a newborn photography session ever.  He was so strong too, which amazed me for such a little fellow.  He was holing his head up like a three month old.  As I held him I couldn’t help but laugh as he would look up at me with wide awake eyes like he was calmly enjoying our conversation.  He kept fouling me too.  His eyes would start to get heavy with sleep and then he would start to nod his head occasionally letting it rest on my shoulder.   But the moment I laid him down in my nest of warm fluffy blankets he would pull out a little yarn to shrug off the sleep and then look at me wide eyed as if asking me what was next.  As the session progressed I wondered how this little fellow could be so present and aware when I myself was starting to feel the lull of sleepiness.  There is no doubt in my mind that at this point in little Krystof’s existence he most definitely believes that sleep is for the birds!

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