Sleeping Beauty {Newborn Photographer Seattle Tacoma Gig Harbor}

Kelsea’s newborn photography session finally arrived.  I know there are many people who made this happen and have probably been eagerly awaiting this sneak peak;-)

I just got this beautiful pink silky fabric.  When I saw it for the first time on my vendor’s website I thought it looked like luxurious pink taffeta.  The kind a sweet princess would rest on in her beautiful castle bedroom.  It has just the right amount of pearly shimmer and it is so soft with all those puckered pillows.  I knew I needed to add it to my collection.  And Kelsea was the first to test out its splendid coziness.

When I see her lying there in her sweet newborn innocence, looking as beautiful as a baby can be on her princess blanket, she reminds me of Sleeping Beauty.  Sleeping Beauty is my very favorite Disney movie.  I think there are so many true parallels to parenting in the movie.  First the poignant moment when Aura’s parents have to make an unthinkable sacrifice to do what is best for their daughter by sending her away to live in seclusion.  I can not tell you how much harder being a parent has been than I thought it would be.  There are so many decisions you have to make along the way that are hard and painful.  But in a parents mind a child is always that sweet tender babe they held in their arms years before.  I love that I get to take stunning portraits like this for parents so that when times get tough they can have something to remember the innocence of their little one and know that the decisions they make are for the safety and well being of a little tender creature that needs to be loved and protected.  Another moment in the movie that really gets to me is the unconditional love that her fairy god mothers have for Aurora.  She is the apple of their eye and their whole world revolves around her.  I know that life has changed in the twinkle of an eye for Keslea’s parents.  One moment it was all about each other.  Now it will forever more be all about Kelsea!  They will find it absolutely impossible to not fall head over heals for her and devote the days to play and learning with this sweet little girl.  And last but not least I naturally love the moment when Aurora falls in love and in rescued by a charming prince.  As a mother of three daughters I think I can vouch for other mothers out there that we all hope there is a worthy prince out there for out little princesses.  When I see this portrait I think about how someday she will be a beautiful young woman and a good, kind hearted young man will awaken her soul.  But now she is teeny, innocent and pure.  Penny cradle and rock her so that those moments are burned into your soul.  Love that little princess of your;-)

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