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Snoqualmie Newborn Photographer

I am trying to remember her big brothers perfect answers.  Sometimes I wish I took notes during portrait sessions.  As a Snoqualime newborn photographer I might have skills at making memories last forever, but my own memory seems to be getting more and more slippery.  One of my favorite questions to ask big sisters and brothers is what they want to teach their babies when they get older.  Benjamin’s answers were adorable.  This very sweet and sincere three year old plans on teaching baby sister how to jump.  That one I remember.  I think there was something about throwing big things behind her and something with the family dog.  But listening him tell me all of the things he is looking forward to was a study in feelings.  As I listened to his sweet little voice stumble over words and race with excitement I was so happy for him.  Happy for this family who has so many fun things in store in their future.  I may not remember the specifics, but I sure do remember how listening to big brother made me feel.  It was the best.

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