Something To Smile About {Maternity Photographer Seattle, Tacoma, Puyallup}

Maternity portrait sessions are all about your photographer showing you how beautiful you are.  They are a celebration of a miracle growing and about to enter our world and make it a better place.  I know the idea of having portraits done when you are feeling like your body has changed so much and you are tired and achy may seem like no fun.  But I beg to differ and I think this beautiful Mom can prove it.  A woman is a work of art.  And a woman with child is even more beautiful.  Amanda’s session was so fun.  In fact her fun personality and that of her husbands made this session what it was.  We laughed and had such a wonderful time showing off just how stunning a growing belly can be.  Sessions like Amanda’s make me fall in love with maternity photography more and more every time I get behind the camera to celebrate a family about to grow.

I picked this portrait because though there are others when Amanda looks like a gorgeous Goddess, this picture wraps up the feeling from her session and who she is.  I love it.  Don’t we all need to have a good laugh sometimes?  I am so excited to have her back in the studio for newborn portraits.  I feel like I know her already, and I am super excited to enjoy her spirit when she comes back;-)

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