Something To Smile About {Newborn Photography Seattle Tacoma Puyallup}

During every newborn photography session I hope to capture a fleeting baby smile.  But it rarely happens.  They come and go so quickly and almost always when I don’t have my camera ready.  Little Ellia was different, she smiled the whole morning.  It was just a matter of when, not if.  After getting a shot of this pose I stood there patiently with my camera to my eye because I knew a smile was on its way;-)

What do you think made her so smiley?  I know all of you overly realistic people out there are thinking it was all just gas.  But what if it were something different.  Just yesterday I was sitting watching the Nature channel with my 8 year old.  She out of the blue turned to me and asked me if she was meant to be my daughter and I was meant to be her mother.  She wanted to know if it was all part of a plan.  I told her of course!  And I really do believe that.  She was the perfect little person for that stretch of my life and I really do believe she was sent to me purposefully.

What if little Ellia is smiling ear to ear because she knows just that?  Maybe she is overcome with joy becuase she knows she is with the perfect parents for her.  Do you think it is possible that somewhere in a land before time we chose our family units?  I don’t know…it’s a beautiful thought.  The way little Ellia smiled all morning I am pretty sure she knows and she is pretty happy to be in the arms of the Mother and Father that she chose.

Just maybe…

…and if so, that is surely something to smile about!

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