Soul {Baby Photographer Seattle Tacoma Puyallup}

I was so in love with this portrait from Jaxton’s baby photography session that I had to share it last night with some photographer colleagues.  I loved what one of them said.  “It is so soulful.”  That is exactly what it is to me.  I love the deepness you see in his eyes.  I love serious “thinker” babies.  It is mesmerizing to see their little gears turn.  Jaxton was fascinated (and a little afraid of my light).  He kept looking over at it knowing that it was about to get bright.  That level of awareness for such a young soul is so amazing.  I know parents always want to get that perfect photograph were their little ones are smiling.  I try super hard to make your babies comfortable so that they can feel like it is safe to smile.  But children aren’t always smiling.  “Smiling” may not be who your child is.  While I aim to succeed in capturing those prized smiling moments, images like these are my favorite.  This is what moves me as an artist.

So on that note…we go from soulful to birthdayliscious happiness (if you only knew)….

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