Squeaky Clean {Newborn Photographer Seattle, Tacoma, Puyallup}

Newborn photographer LukeLuke is one of my favorite clients.  I am so happy to see him every three months coming back to the studio.  As his photographer I have seen him grow and change over these last few months.  He will turn one soon and I am really excited to create a beautiful heirloom album for him.  Babies change so much during their first year.  It is a gift indeed to have beautiful portraits to look back on and remember them at all those special stages.   I have been able to plan and try out new sets with Luke.  He has become my little model.  I love that I have such a handsome little fellow to work with too.  If that smile doesn’t absolutely melt your heart…well I’m just saying maybe you should see a doctor;-)

I was watching our first family videos with my kids the this last week.  I had forgotten how blond and chubby my now 13 year old son once was.  It was fun for everyone to remember favorite toys and such.  Memories are life’s greatest treasures.  A few months ago my Grandfather passed away.  When I went home to visit this last week to celebrate Thanksgiving with my parents my mom handed me a fat envelope filled with pictures, letters and mementos that my grandparents had saved throughout the years.  I stopped at a picture of me with my Grandma holding my first baby.  Portraits are priceless!  Memories and feelings came flooding back.  For a brief second I relived that moment.

It makes me so happy to know for much Luke’s mom values my work.  And even happier to know that years from now, my portraits will be in Luke’s hands or the hands of his children and they will be a time capsule opening a door to the past and letting happy moments fill their hearts.

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