Stealing The Show {Newborn Photography Seattle Tacoma Puyallup}

Sometimes during a newborn photography session big sisters can still the show.  That is just something little sisters will have to get used to.  My daughters, who helped watch Amarah’s big sister during the session, are still smitten with her.  As I have had this session up on the computer for the last couple of days the girls will wander in and see the portraits on the screen and share some cute little thing that they remember about big sister.  Mom, she was so cute.  Mom, she was so sweet. Mom, she was so gentle……  The little comments continue on and on.  So I thought it would only be fitting it Amarah shared her sneak peak with her sister Aniyah (I’m hoping I came close to spelling it right).

I hope that what you see here in this portrait continues and becomes even stronger!  When I look at these two girls I see tender love.  May they bless their mother with their sweet little natures and always care and love each other!

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