Sweet Dreams Little Man

As a newborn photographer I get to meet all sorts of baby personalities.  Little Grayson here, aside from being  perfectly chubby was just not a sleeper.  Even with all of my tricks employed, that usually have babies passing out into dream time no problem, little Grayson chose to be part of our little party.  There was no nodding off for this little man, he might miss something important!  So as I walked him and bounced him, shushed him and patted him, all the while I got to know lots about his Mom and Dad.  He has the coolest parents!  Meeting amazing people, learning about their goals and aspirations in life, how they met, their plans for their family, is a part of my job that I really love.  Next time I am in Seattle I think I will stop by their restaurant  Commuter Comforts Cafe and Wine Bar.

It amazes me sometimes that I can feel one way about how a session went and then upon looking at the images I captured feel entirely different.  Despite the fact that little Grayson was more interested in conversation than picture taking I am very excited to share his beautiful gallery with his parents;-)

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