Sweet Dreams {Newborn Photographer Seattle Tacoma Puyallup}

I start off every single newborn photography session with posing babies on my bean bag.  These sleepy shots are not only my favorite, but often times favorites for parents, grandparents and all of my awesome fans.  Why is it that a sleeping baby is so magical for all of us grown people?

I think that when we see a baby sleeping soundly there is nothing but innocence in those sweet little faces.  We see in them as they lie there peacefully, hopes, dreams and a whole breadth of possibilities.  There is this magical moment where our dreams mingle with theirs.  All that is there with you in that moment is a perfect little baby and your love, raw and overflowing.  There are no more distractions that have been pulling at you throughout the day.  No worries weighing you down.  In the evening hours all the pressures of the day are shed.   It is just you and your tiny treasure rocking to your favorite lullaby.  Two hearts bond by blood and life.

Sweet dreams little Will.  Dream of dragon tails, a pirate’s sale, matchbox cars and twinkling stars.  Your mother’s love will fly to you each night on angels wings.  (Dixie Chicks)


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