Sweetness {Newborn Photography University Place}

Sugar and Spice,

And everything nice!

Meet Carragh!  Another beautiful spring baby!  I sure do hope that her mom likes to get her all dolled up.  Because that is exactly what I did during her newborn photography session.   I used some of my very favorite wraps and headbands to make sure this little chubby cheeked angel looked like the true little beauty that she is.  She had the softest skin!  I don’t think it has ever been so hard to resist nuzzling such sweet baby cheeks.  I found myself bringing her up for some little kisses several times.  I was able to stop myself just in the nick of time.  That might just be the hardest part of my job!  It is not getting peed and pooped on as some parents may suspect.  It is showing restraint and not treating my little baby clients like my own.  You have no idea how hard it is not to kiss and nibble.  But with the combination of a happy disposition and the perfect plumpness to baby ratio I am sure little Carragh is getting all the loving that she needs at home.  I can’t wait to meet with her parents for their viewing session.  Four words…Prepare To Be Amazed!

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