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Tacoma Baby Photographer

When my last baby girl was a baby her big sister used to love her big cheeks.  Kate would call them bubble gum popping cheeks.  Though that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense it was a perfectly understandable way to describe perfectly round, undeniably scrumptious cheeks.  And Sara’s cheeks had nothing on Mimi’s!  Let me tell you, one of the very hardest things about being a Tacoma baby photographer is resisting kissing and snuggling babies.  Especially when they are this cute and sweet.  I just never know how parents will feel about me nuzzling their little one.  I have had to stop myself several times in the nick of time with a sweet baby inches away from my lips.  I can not wait until I am a Grandma and can have free reign on baby snuggles.  

I have been Mimi and her big sister Adeliade’s Tacoma baby photographer for the last few years now.  This session was extra from because Mimi’s Daddy was in charge.  Her mommy is going to be 100% surprised with all of these beautiful portraits.  I want so badly to be a fly on the wall when she sees the portraits of her baby girl for the first time.  My kids are taking bets about which picture will be her very favorite.

If you are looking for a Tacoma baby photographer I would love to hear from you.  Take a look at my portfolio and send me an inquiry through my contact form.  If you are here just to look and get happy with all these images of perfect babies, then welcome.  I hope I made your day just a little bit better;-)

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