Tacoma Newborn Photographer ~ Best Feeling In The World

I love being a newborn photographer!  I love that every week I get to relive my own precious “mommy memories” as I help other families capture theirs.  As I was editing this beautiful baby girl’s session I was watching TV through the door from my office to our den.  A Glade commercial came on and it brought me to tears.  I think the combination of working with a perfect little newborn and the commercial created to tug at my heart strings was a perfect storm for a very emotional moment.  Even re-watching it now I get all choked up.

“Baby smell” is one of the things I miss most now that my kids are grown.  When I am posing babies with their parents one of the things I will say to them to get the expression I am looking for is, “breath in your baby”.  I know it sounds weird.  But it works every time.  Babies come with a perfect smell to go with that flawless, peachy skin.  And you never forget it.  I am reminded just how much a baby’s smell means to its mother every single time I watch anything on the Nature channel.  It is a marker ingrained in us.  And every time I imagine “breathing in” the smell of my babies (now that they are all grown) it takes me back to those first moments in the hospital.  Cradling them in my chest.  Rocking them in the rocker and lying next to them on the bed.  Smell is such a poignant sense.  It encapsulates so many details.  Just one smell makes the memories all rush back.

I am so happy that I get to capture parents “breathing in” the smell of their brand new babies.  Treasure it up.  It is indeed one of the “Best Feelings In The World”.

In case you want to cry with me her is the commercial…  grab a tissue!


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