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Tacoma Newborn Photographer

I was so excited when I found out that the Crute family was having another baby.  And even more excited when I heard that baby number two was going to be another baby girl.  I truly believe that all girls need sisters.  Watching my own daughters grow up I have gained a strong belief that having a sister makes a girl a better person.  I know that girls can make friends that become sisters to them.  But there is something different about living and learning from that bond and relationship every day.  I came across this article about nine reasons having a sister in your life is important.

  1. They are there for you emotionally and physically.
  2. They tell you when you stink.
  3. They roll their eyes right along with you.
  4. They are the reason other women will trust you.
  5. They are fantastic sounding boards.
  6. They help decipher other women’s behavior.
  7. They have dateable friends.
  8. They remember all the important dates.
  9. They are your flesh and blood.

I can just see these two sweet girls discovering the wonders of the world together.  Riding bikes down the street together.  Whispering to each other at night about their secret crush.  Dancing on the couches to the Taylor Swift of their decade.  So many wonderful memories yet to be made are in store for these two beautiful girls.

Harper is coming up on one year here pretty soon, I imagine that it will bring her family great joy to see their little princess as she was when she was just a few days old.  She was such a perfect little chubby muffin.


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