Tacoma Newborn Photographer ~ My Babies, All Grown Up

As a newborn photographer you would think I would have stunning baby portraits of my own four children.  Unfortunately I didn’t have the equipment or the skill to take lovely portraits when my little ones were born.  I gave it a pretty valiant effort with my third and knew better with my 4rth and left it to more talented artists.  But with my first two, sadly all I have are Sears portraits.  So when my fur babies were born they were destined to have their turn in the studio spotlight.  I had so much fun taking “newborn” photos of them.  Now they are all grown up.  This is their “sitting” stage.  At a few months old.  I thought it would be fun to let them play with the fish.  (He is very accustomed to the cats as his aquarium in their water dish)  Just thought I would share my babies with you;-)

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