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Sibling Facts

1. Children spend more time with their sibling than with their parents, friends, teachers or even alone.

2. Siblings fight.  A lot.  Sometimes with a conflict every 10 minutes.

3. 65% of mothers and 70% of fathers exhibit a preference for for one sibling over another.

4. Having a sibling of the opposite sex makes boys and girls more likely to adhere to gender norms.

5. Having a sibling of the opposite sex may help you pick up dates more easily.

6. Firstborns are generally smarter than their younger siblings, having on average a 3 point IQ advantage over the second sibling.

7. Younger siblings tend to be more extroverted than older siblings in larger families.

8. In general, siblings tend to interact significantly less with each other if they are not fully related.

9. Your siblings bad habits may rub off on you.

10. A big part of individual personality develops in relation to interacting with siblings.

11. Siblings can make you shorter.

12. The number of siblings you have and your birth order can influence your health.

13. Birth order does not affect personality.

14. Siblings tend to resemble each other in looks and intelligence but are quite different in personality.

Facts obtained from www.nursingschools.com

One of the biggest joys I have ever had as a newborn photographer was being able to get on a plane last minute to fly to Arizona to photograph my newest nephew with his adoring siblings.  This image just makes me smile!

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