Tacoma Newborn Photographer ~ Simple Things

As a newborn photographer I try to capture the little details of brand new babies that are going to be significant to parents as their infants become children and then adults.  As a mother of 4 “big” kids I feel like I have an advantage.  I know from experience the things that you miss.  One of the things about being a mom of a brand new little soul is the feel of that tight grasp around your finger.  It is often times the first contact between a mother and her new baby.  From the moment a baby is born to a year later when your newborn is a toddler and learning to walk you build up a pretty significant attachment to those little hands.  So many things that you will never forget.  The tight squeeze, the soft skin, the chubby padding of those little puppy paws all things that you imprint on.  I think one of the things that make humans such an amazing species are our five senses.  I know that other animals have individual senses that are superior to ours. But I don’t think (and admittedly I am no expert) that any animal uses all five senses the same way we can.  So many memories bond themselves to our senses.  Touch is just one.  I know that as Kensley grows this image of her precious newborn hand will become more and more significant to her mother.  Those teeny tiny fingers, those newborn flakes, the wrinkles of chub around her wrist all of it makes for a treasured memory.  Sometimes it is those simple things that matter the most to us.

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