Take A Break l From Your Newborn Photographer

Sometimes a girl needs a break.  What refreshes you?  Here is a list of my top ten “Best Ways To Rejuvenate”!

10. Read a good book!

9. Taking a walk through the forest!

8. Eat something yummy!

7. Soak in a Hot tub!

6. Tap a nap!

5. Trip to the spa!

4. Having a clean house (especially if I didn’t clean it)!

3. Date night with Hubby!

2. Shopping (anything other than the grocery store)!

1. Quality time with Girlfriends!

This last week end I got an extra boost of refreshment.  I met up with some of the best women in my life for a weekend get away.  Seven years ago my husband was in school, times were tough and the four of us bonded together.  Seven years ago we are still best friends.  You just have to love that about women.  Once a friend always a friend.  It was like we had never gone our separate ways.  We talked and ate and shopped and feed our souls.  And I have been home for several days now and I am still basking in the glow of their company!  Every woman needs a friend!

As John Lennon put its so well…

I get by with a little help from my friends!


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