Teeny Tiny {Newborn Photography Seattle Tacoma Puyallup}

I was mesmerized by little Alexander.  The whole time during his newborn photography session I couldn’t help but look in wonder at this tiny little fellow.  It is a miracle that in a teeny body, not even 5 pounds big, everything is ticking in perfect rhythm to make this little fellow the most complex organism on Earth.  I love learning about medicine and anatomy.  The body is just so fascinating.  From this tiny form a baby will become a man.

I love this image because he so perfectly fits within the hands of his parents.  Half his mother, half his father and they will both have such an impact on future.  Do you ever wonder how your children will look back at their childhood.  What will they think about the role you played?  After my short visit with Alexander’s parents I feel very confident that he is in very good hands.

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