The Princess And The Pea {Newborn Photographer Seattle, Tacoma, Puyallup}

Abby is a princess.  This dainty little darling had such fine tastes.  Already at such a tender age she has learned to require expect care and attention.  Only the finest.  And then even the softest, plushest, super cozy and warm blankets might not be enough to sooth her royal loveliness.  I wanted so badly to mold this brand new beauty in some really great poses to show off the her wonderfully chubby cheeks and the super yummy rolls on her back.  Every single time I got her into a snugly slumber and began ever so slowly to move her into her little pose…you guessed it…she awoke!  It was so perfectly predictable that half way through the session I even mentioned to her patient mother that her little darling was like The Princess and the pea.  We held her, bounced her, rocked her and mom nursed and snuggled her.  And yet, she did not ever care to be bothered when it came time for the posing.

So in honor of her delicate royalness I thought I would share this little poem:

Little princess – baby fair,

as you lay without a care,

think of sweet things in your sleep

and though I pose you please don’t weep.

-Yours Truly

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