The Strength In A Name

Koben came to see me last week for a newborn photography session.  As he was eating I had the chance to ask his Mom about his name as it is very unique, and piqued my interest.  Koben is a combination of the names of his Grandfather Benjamin and his Grandmother Misako.  He is named after both.  I think that is really special.  I personally feel that Grandparents are very important in the happy upbringing of a baby.  They have so much to offer and if given the opportunity can play a big role in a child’s life.  I am sure that there are great qualities about each of these wonderful people that little Koben is named after.  I am sure they have strengths and talents that this little babe will grow to know and love.  What an honor to have made an impact so great in someone’s life that they name their child after you.  Koben you are lucky little babe to have Grandparents that mean so much to your parents!

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