The Tie That Binds {Newborn Photographer Seattle Tacoma Puyallup}

Tyrone and Debra have just welcomed Zavier into their family.  He has become the tie that binds.  I look at this beautiful image of this stunning family and it makes me all emotional.  It is so symbolic to me.  I love art.  I love the way it makes you think and engages your mind, and the way it can make you feel in such a deep and profound way.

Zavier is in the center snuggled closely in between the hearts of his mother and his father.  He in the knot that will here on out unify this family beyond anything that had before him.  A ring on a finger is one thing.  But a living, breathing, little person created together is another.  I look at him here so content.  Every newborn deserves a mother and father that will hold him tight and dear like Zavier has.  I love that Mom and Dad’s arms are pulling each other close.  This is them, not my posing.  I asked Tyrone to hold Debra’s arm and there was no half halfheartedness about it.  He drew her in close to him.  How wonderful it is to have a Dad that love’s his mother….Zavier you are a very blessed little boy.  I love the way Dad’s head rests on Mom’s.  To me it says he is the leader of this little family, it’s protector and he will always be there to shelter and defend.  And I absolutely LOVE the serenity in Moms face.  This comes from bliss.  She is loved by a man that she loves in return.  She is cared for and respected.  And more than anything she is needed.  I think that is the core to a woman’s happiness.  Not wealth, power or fame.  Being needed.

This little family whether they know it or not just got reinforced, strengthened and bond together with a tie that truly binds….a child.

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