Time Flies

Babies grow too fast.  Life moves at an alarming speed.  One minute you are holding a brand new baby girl and the next she is walking around ready to take on the world.  I love being a photographer.  Our memories fade.  But photographs can take you right back.

I was just at the store having a piece of art framed.  The customer in front of me was an elderly gentleman, feeble and bound to a wheel chair.  His wife had just wheeled him in to get his approval on a matting choice that she had made.  He spoke to her haltingly and looked tired from all of his years.  His wife rolled out a wrinkled and cracked black and white panorama photograph.  From my distance it looked to be a photograph of a military unit.  Instantly, he came to life. In a state of excited animation he began identifying past friends and their time spent together.  That photograph had flipped a switch.

Our children grow in the blink of an eye.  Life keeps us so busy.  It makes me happy that Rilynn’s mother will never forget her tiny little one year old frame, her spunky smirk and twinkle eyes full of curiosity!  Time may fly but the memory will endure….forever.

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