University Place Baby Photographer ~ 100 days

Zoe’s mom hired me as her University Place baby photographer.  She asked me to capture Zoe’s special baby milestone of 100 days.  I do not often have the opportunity to take these types of baby portraits.  But this last month I have been able to photograph a baby boy boy and now a baby girl at this very special milestone.  Zoe warmed up to me while still in her car seat.  She was full of sweet smiles.  And did super well until she decided it was time for a nap.  As her mommy cuddled her up I was witness to some really beautiful mothering.  Her mom whispered sweetly and gently to her, humming little songs and bouncing her softly.  There was so much patience and love there.  And her little girl responded perfectly by relaxing and falling right to sleep.  As a photographer it is always a privilege to be a part of special moments like that.  I love witnessing mothering.  It reminded of the scene in Dumbo when his mom takes him up in the comfort of her trunk and rocks him to sleep with a lullaby.  Here are some of my favorite images from Zoe’s University Place photography session.


100 days Baby Portraits

100 days ago she came to you

creating a family of just you two.

100 days have already past

of joy and happiness that will forever last.

100 days of you and her

feelings of joy that never before were.

100 days of smiles and laughter

enough to last for many years after.

100 days of coos and cahs

cozy mummurs under the stars.

100 days of hugs and kisses

the angels above our only witness.

100 days of happiness

baby make feelings forever last.

– Amirul Irfan

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