University Place Maternity Photographer ~ Averi

“And there will be someone

that comes along one day

and offers you an entire galaxy

when you only expected a single planet.”

Noor Shirazie

I am a maternity photographer.  I photograph miracles in the beautiful beginnings.  The start of something that will grow to be everything.  The continuation of something fantastic.  You expect to be holding soon a little baby.  But when that moment comes when you have that perfect beginning of a person in your hands you will hold your whole world.  Not a planet that revolves around your sun.  But a galaxy, all it’s own.  I am so excited for this family to bring into their home their first child.  What a blessing.  What a gift.  Just a few more weeks and I will be able to share beautiful newborn portraits that will look so perfectly beautiful next to mom’s maternity portraits.

University Place maternity photography
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University Place maternity photographer
University Place maternity pictures
University Place maternity portraits
University Place maternity

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