Wild Thing

Baby photography is a funny thing.  Sometimes it takes on a mind of its own.  I will have something in mind and as mom adds in a few personal touches and baby’s personality starts to shine through, what I envisioned turns into something totally unique.  I wondered how these images would turn out with the eclectic styling.  A favorite shirt and hat mixed with rustic vintage pieces and my love for moody lighting ..not your everyday baby portrait.  And then I saw them and I loved them.  Seeing little Hudson here like this (especially in his favorite hat) reminds me of Maurice Sendak and “Where The Wild Things Are”.  Hudson wasn’t really a “Wild Thing”, he did want to walk and explore everywhere.  But seeing him here in his hat I can imagine the box is a boat and he is sailing off to another world full of fanciful creatures.  Welcome to the world of little boys!

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