Windows To The Soul

I knew Tori’s newborn photography session was going to be a little different than normal.  She was coming to see me 6 weeks old, not my normal 7-10 days.  Let me start by saying that there was NO sleeping going on in the studio that day.  We tried really hard to help her drift away into dream land.  But she is a big girl and there was no telling her what to do.  I was a little discouraged after her session, feeling like my “baby whispering” skills had been defeated.  And then I sat on the couch in my studio as my five year old came in for snuggles and we looked at the images I had taken.  They are stunning.  She is exquisite.  I had so many beautiful images that her session has been one of the hardest to cull (pick the best) ever.  I love that you can see right into her tiny soul through her bright blue eyes.  And her sweet little smiles; they kill me.  When I look at these images, I think, was she looking at me like that.  Looking right at me, all sweetness and happiness.  She is a treasure.  These awake images make me want to have another baby, because I captured her and the true unconditional love a baby has for everyone.  Even if you are just their humble photographer.  And it makes me yearn for another.

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