Worth The Struggle {Newborn Photographer Seattle, Tacoma, Puyallup}

Logan dear Logan, boy how you made me work!  This little fellow did not like to be moved even the slightest little bit.  His session was very difficult.  Hours of patience and trying to lull him back to sleep after moving his tiny finger.  Mom, Dad, Grandma and photographer were all exhausted after this little fellow’s session.  It struck me once everything was said and done that I really was able to get beautiful shots of Logan.  Looking at his session images you would think everything had been so easy – seeing him in peaceful slumber.  But it was the hardest session I have ever done.  But knowing how Mom will treasure these beautiful images of her first born son makes me forget all the difficulties.  Knowing that this family now has gorgeous images makes me happy that in spite of Logan’s sleeplessness we persevered.  In the end I won’t remember how much work this little guy was but how beautifully he puckered his lips when he slept.  And how his tiny fists loved to be up by his little chin.

It struck me this afternoon looking back at his session that life is like that.  Motherhood is like that.  Logan’s beautiful mother was peed on, pooped on, sat through hours in my hot studio and probably at one point or another wondered if she would ever get even one single beautiful, peaceful portrait of her son.  This won’t be the first of days like that.  She will be peed on, pooped on, loose hours of precious sleep.  She’ll wonder perhaps on the hardest days, is it worth it?  That feeling will be fleeting because the next minute, as she looks into the little eyes that reflect her whole world, she will know without a doubt – yes!  One hundred percent yes.  In spite of pain, fatigue, hopelessness, anger and all those other ugly emotions that visit mothers on occasion, she will know it is ALL worth it.  Every moment of difficulty is paid back in full and twice over with moments like the ones she treasures quietly holding her sweet smelling newborn and rocking him as he snuggles close to her bosom.

So is it worth a few back breaking hours of soothing a sleepless baby…YES, worth every minute!

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