Your Whole World

I love this Scale prop.  I love that so many parents chose it when they come to see me for their newborn photography session.  It was one of the very first props I purchased for my studio.  It was the beginning of Jennifer Wilcox Photography.  Even from the beginning I knew I wanted to be very selective with the props that I purchase and use for baby sessions.  I really, REALLY, want your baby to be the focal point of his own portraits like Callum here.  I don’t want your friends and family to say, “Wow, what a great bowl…”  My goal for this prop specifically was for a baby’s parents to see there portrait like this and to remember how small and fragile their little one was.  How their whole world was wrapped up in just 7 pounds of PERFECTION.  Your whole world, everything…your future, the point that life has led you to…all in 7 pounds.  That is what I want parents to see, not a scale…  And that is exactly what I hope Callum’s parents will see and feel.

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