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Redmond Newborn Photographer

When you hire a professional Redmond newborn photographer you are making sure that no matter what happens at your baby’s session.  Ideally at a newborn session baby will be fast asleep.  This makes it possible to pose her easily and quickly from one pose to another.  But not every little newborn is the same.  And certainly not all are sleepy little bundles.  It is quite often that I have a very alert and attentive baby in the studio.  Hiring a professional means that you are guaranteed beautiful portraits.  You don’t want a novice who has to brainstorm what to do next.  And you certainly want a professional photographer when portraits with siblings are on the line.  In six years of shooting families at newborn sessions it has only happen once that I couldn’t deliver stunning fine art portraits of baby with her siblings to parents.  It all comes down to training, patience and experience.  Alessia’s session turned out beautifully.  I even caught some sleepy images in their, though she only closed her little peepers for moments at a time.  It has been a wonderful privilege to work with this family from mom’s maternity session which you can see here to baby’s newborn session.  I hope to see this little firecracker back when she is sitting all on her own for a milestone session.  Those sitting sessions are my favorites!

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